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Engraving Information Engraving Information
The Mouthpiece Express exclusive engraving process is done in-house to ensure the highest quality control.

Mouthpiece Engraving: Engravings are currently available for most Trumpet, Cornet, Fluglehorn, Mellophone, Trombone, and Tuba mouthpieces. Choose from one of our stylish patterns or have your initials, your name, a short phrase, or a significant date engraved.

To Order: See individual Brass Mouthpiece Pages for pricing and to add engraving to your mouthpiece order.

Cap Engraving: We also engrave on top and bottom caps for trumpets! Click here for the Cap Engraving gallery.
Engraving Options with Initials

Click on the thumbnails to enlarge

Circles Overlapping Circles Cloud Double Lines
Circles Overlapping Circles Cloud Double Lines
Hotrod Flames Flames Flowers Frill
Hotrod Flames Flames Flowers Frill
Hash Marks Jesus Fish Overlapping Diamonds Stars
Hash Marks Jesus Fish Overlapping Diamonds Stars
Clubs Diamonds Hearts Spades
Clubs Diamonds Hearts Spades
Card Suit Original Diamonds
Card Suit Original Diamonds Original Diamonds Original Diamonds

Pattern Engraving Examples
High Roller Swirls Stars and Bars
High Roller High Roller Swirls Stars & Bars
Twist Aztec
Twist Twist Aztec Gold Aztec
Celtic Knot Crusaders Cross Braid
Celtic Knot Crusaiders Cross Braid Braid
Tetra Flames Jesus Fish
Tetra Tetra Flames Jesus Fish
Mayan Wave Knurling Interlock
Myan Wave Knurling Interlock

Special Phrase · Names · Dates
Happy Birthday Date Name Happy Birthday
Helvetica Font Lubalin Font Squire Font
Helvetica Lubalin Squire

Ligature & Backbore Engravings
Your initials w/ Diamond embellishment
Initials Initials Initials Initials
Special Phrase · Name · Date Stitch on Lower Ligature Diadem on Backbore

NEW Limited Edition Cup Engraving Example

We take trumpet and cornet mouthpieces, shave down the cup to give nice flat surface leaving a thin rim.

Engraving Font Options

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Repair Technician
Mouthpiece Engraving
01.Bach Trumpet Mouthpiece, 3C
02.Extra Windows for Flip Folder 1 Sheet
03.Bach Trumpet Mouthpiece, 1-1/2C (aka 1.5C, 1HC)
04.Al Cass Valve Oil 2oz.
05.Schilke Trumpet Mouthpiece, 14A4a
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