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Large Morse Taper Mouthpieces
Large Morse Taper Mouthpieces
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Small Morse/Bach Taper Mouthpiece
Couesnon Taper Mouthpieces
Couesnon Taper Mouthpieces
600 Series Mouthpieces
600 Series Mouthpieces
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Flugelhorn Tapers

In addition to the "standard" Large Morse Taper, Curry flugelhorns are available with a Small Morse (Bach) Taper or a Couesnon (French) taper by Special Order.

Important: Read about flugelhorn mouthpiece tapers

Please be aware of which taper will fit your horn before purchasing and Contact Us if you have any questions.

Flugelhorn mouthpieces are available for every rim size available. Cups are hybrid Vee-Bowl shaped and with a #18 bore standard, balance well and produce a velvety yet clean sound. Three cup depths: FL is a deep flugel cup; FLD is a deeper flugel cup; FL-M is a medium deep flugel cup.

Proper fitting of a flugelhorn mouthpiece is more crucial than most players think. Please be sure to choose the correct shank style when ordering.

Barrington Horns: Large Morse Taper

Scodwell Horns: Small Morse Taper

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Repair Technician
Mouthpiece Engraving
01.Curry Flugelhorn Mouthpiece (Large Morse Taper), 3FL
02.Curry Flugelhorn Mouthpiece (Large Morse Taper), 5FL
03.Curry Flugelhorn Mouthpiece (Large Morse Taper), 3FL-M
04.Curry Flugelhorn Mouthpiece (Large Morse Taper), 1.5FL
05.Curry Flugelhorn Mouthpiece (Large Morse Taper), 5FL-M
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