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Standard Mouthpieces
Standard Mouthpieces
Endorsee Mouthpieces
Endorsee Mouthpieces
300 Series Mouthpieces
300 Series Mouthpieces
ProLine Concert Hall Mouthpieces
ProLine Concert Hall Mouthpieces

Marcinkiewicz standard trumpet mouthpieces are arranged in a logical ascending order from deep to shallow and wide to narrow (0 to 15). This arrangement permits players to select mouthpieces by precise increments of depth to find the correct cup volume required by their situation. For example, if a No.7 trumpet mouthpiece is too deep and a No.10 too shallow, a No.8 or No.9 may be the best logical choice. Note that No.6 - No.10 are similar to a Bach 10-1/2C.

Endorsee Models

The popular Marcinkiewicz Endorsee mouthpieces are made to each specific endorser specifications. Measurements such as inner diameter, venturi, etc., are not arranged systematically, however this line is also numbered progressively by cup depth from deep to shallow. Each endorsee chose a Marcinkiewicz Designer/Signature Mouthpiece because of his belief in the product. Each of these mouthpieces were designed for a specific player at a specific point in time. Many play Marcinkiewicz mouthpieces exclusively.

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Sating Silver Plating
Mouthpiece Engraving
01.Marcinkiewicz Trumpet Mouthpiece, E9.1 Bobby Shew 1.5
02.Marcinkiewicz Trumpet Mouthpiece, E14 Bobby Shew 1
03.Marcinkiewicz Trumpet Mouthpiece, E5 Bobby Shew 2
04.Marcinkiewicz Trumpet Mouthpiece, E10.3 Bobby Shew 1.25
05.Marcinkiewicz Trumpet Mouthpiece, E12.4 Roger Ingram
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