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Rotor Oil
Rotor Oil
Slide Grease
Slide Grease
Slide Oil
Slide Oil
Trombone Lubricants
Trombone Lubricants
Valve Oil
Valve Oil
Woodwind Lubricants
Woodwind Lubricants


Light Trombone Lubricant Set

Slide-O-Mix Trombone Lubricant gives your slide a fantastic glide. It is a 2-component liquid lubricant, which adheres very well to the slide surface. Slide-O-Mix is very economical and easy to use - even for beginners. The lubricants are available both as a set and individually.

Blue Juice

A light, fast, refined petroleum product scientifically developed by a Chemical/Lubrication Engineer thatís especially effective on close-tolerance valves. Blue Juice provides fast valve action, staying power to minimize the need for lubrication, as well as excellent protection against mold and bacteria growth. What also distinguishes this valve oil - aside from its distinctive blue coloring - is the anti-corrosion agent it contains for extra protection.

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Sating Silver Plating
Mouthpiece Engraving
01.Al Cass Valve Oil 2oz.
02.Blue Juice Valve Oil - 2 oz.
03.Schilke Slide Grease
04.Hetman Light Piston Lubricant (#1)
05.Hetman Piston Lubricant (#2)
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