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Bob Reeves
Bob Reeves
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Denis Wick
  Sound Sleeves & Tone Boosters  

Sleeves and Tone Boosters allow you to customize your horn to give you the response and tonal qualities you want.

Bob Reeves Sleeves allow you to “fine-tune” the gap between the end of your mouthpiece and the beginning of the leadpipe to enhance sound, response and intonation.

Curry Sleeves and Denis Wick Tone Boosters add mass to your mouthpiece to improve slotting and to help reduce the loss of vibrations through the metal of the mouthpiece and channel them into the instrument.

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Gold Rim and Cup
Mouthpiece Engraving
01.Curry LEAD Sound Sleeve, fits most trumpet mouthpieces like Bach, Yamaha, Schilke and more
02.Curry MONSTER Sleeve, fits most Trumpet mouthpieces in the Bach style
03.Bob Reeves Sleeve #5
04.Denis Wick Tone Booster, Trumpet
05.Curry Sound Sleeve, Standard (SS) If you play a Yamaha horn get the "SS-Y" Model
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