Curry CCAPS, Trim Kit, Yamaha, King, Holton, Benge #1 (set of 3)
Curry CCAPS, Trim Kit, Yamaha, King, Holton, Benge #1 (set of 3)
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NOTE: Be sure and check the specs below to ensure the item you've selected will fit your instrument.
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Since their introduction in 1989, CCAPS have proven to be the best looking, best performing heavy valve cap on the market. At 1 oz. each, CCAPS have enough mass to improve the response of any trumpet.

MAGNUM CCAPS are specifically designed for players that want the utmost in slotting and projection. At 1.75 oz. each they provide the slotting stability that lets you perform with confidence under the loudest conditions! Note: These are 1" in total length. Your horn may not fit into your standard hard case without removal. Consider a gig bag.

Please note: Magnum CCAPS are available in #1, #2, #3, #4 ONLY.

CCAPS Size Inner Diameter
& Thread Pitch
Fits these horns
#1 .725" 36 TPI Yamaha (American models), King, Benge 90 series
#2 .710" 32 TPI Bach Stradivarius
#3 .710" 36 TPI Schilke, Benge, most Kanstul produced trumpets
CS-H .710" 36 TPI Hex CCAPS for Schilke
CS-HM .710" 36 TPI Magnum Hex CCAPS
#4 .735" 36 TPI Getzen, Stomvi, Sandoval T257, T357
#5 .725" 32 TPI Blackburn, Most Calicchios
#6 .710" 40 TPI Blessing Holton ST 307
#7 .781" 40 TPI Conn Connstellation (most)
#8 .750" 36 TPI Olds (most), and others
#9 .750" 32 TPI Olds (some), and others
YFL .781" 36 TPI Yamaha flugels 631, 731
CFL .757" 32 TPI Couesnon flugels
B&S .711" .75mm TPI B&S Challeger Trpt, Flugel
J .725" .5mm Yamaha (Japanese model)
K O.D. .695" Selmer "K" (K Radial can use only 2 CCAPS)
CG O.D. .706" 36 TPI Claude Gordon Selmer only
T .715" 36 TPI Bach TR 300
XXCAPS (X) .710" 32 TPI Bach Stradivarius
XXCAPS (Y) .725" 36 TPI Yamaha (most)

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