David Baum has been designing jewelry for 35 years and produces the most extraordinary pieces with a unique blend of classic and modern styles. He has designed for major manufacturers, celebrities, professional athletes, and the movie industry including most recently the movie "Safe Haven." David's jewelry designs were featured in the first two seasons of the hit television series "Sleepy Hollow" on Fox.

David is also an accomplished trumpet player with a wide range of musical experience dating back as far as the Boston Crusaders, 1980 27th Lancers, and The Bridgemen. David is currently a lead trumpet player for many of Virginia's well known jazz bands and orchestras. He is also the founder of Back In Time with the Rhino Horns, an eleven piece vintage Top 40 band.

His latest endeavor includes partnering with Mouthpiece Express to provide designs for Carolina Crown Mouthpieces and Sculptured Bands for mouthpieces. His amazing talents combined with the unparalleled ability of Mouthpiece Express in creating a true signature mouthpiece fully capture the players true personality.

Sculptured Bands
Each Sculptured Band is meticulously designed by David Baum and cast in 92.5% pure silver. Sculptured Bands can be custom gold plated with 24K gold in a variety of ways. Have something specific in mind? Whether you want your band completely gold plated or a combination of gold and silver, just let us know and we'll work to get your Sculptured Band plated just as you imagined.

Custom Designs

Have your own idea for a Sculptured Band? David Baum is able to sculpt almost anything imaginable. Give us your idea and he\'ll create a custom Sculptured Band to make your mouthpiece truly yours.

Do you have a favorite mouthpiece?
Sculptured Bands are available for new, as well as some gently used mouthpieces. Send us some photographs of your gently used mouthpiece and we'll let you know if we can add a David Baum Sculptured Band to it.

Sculptured Bands are currently available for most major trumpet and cornet brands including Bach, Schilke, Yamaha, and more! Simply select your favorite mouthpiece and look for the Sculptured Bands dropdown menu.

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