Stone Trumpet Buttons, Unakite
Stone Trumpet Buttons, Unakite
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Unakite, also called Epidote, derives its name from the Greek epidosis, meaning "growing together." It is a combination of red jasper and green epidote solidly bound together.

Unakite is said to lift your spirits when you are feeling down - this is the gemstone to help you to see the beauty in life. It is also used to uncover deception.

GEO Collection

The GEO Collection is comprised of beautiful, one-of-a-kind natural stones from around the world!

See a set you like? Get it now. Once each set is sold there will never be another set exactly like it! The stones you see here are the exact buttons you'll receive. Each stone inlay is unique and may have slight bumps or indentations.

Even though the item is listed as "In Stock" these buttons are made to order. Please allow 2-3 weeks for us to assemble your buttons.

These button inserts are sold with buttons. Be sure to select the button type you need so you'll have the correct buttons to fit your instrument.

Bach Strad style buttons are designed to fit Bach Stradivarius, Omega's, and most TR200 (within the last 10 years) trumpets. They will not fit TR300 or 1530 trumpet models.

Bach TR300 style buttons are designed to fit Bach TR300 and 1530 trumpet models.

Blessing style buttons are designed to fit most Blessing trumpet models.

Getzen style buttons are designed to fit most Getzen trumpet models.

Jupiter style buttons are designed to fit XO and most other Jupiter trumpet models.

Kanstul style buttons are designed to fit most Kanstul trumpet models.

King / Conn style buttons are designed to fit most newer (within the last 10 years) King or Conn trumpet models.

Schilke style buttons are designed to fit most Schilke trumpet models.

Yamaha Classic (6000) style buttons are designed to fit most Yamaha 6000 trumpet models.

These Yamaha Xeno style buttons are not designed to fit New York or Chicago trumpets.

Yamaha City Series (New York / Chicago) buttons come direct from Yamaha that we customize here in our shop. These are highly custom horns with extremely low production numbers. Yamaha City series buttons are only available in Silver and Gold.
These buttons are designed to fit the following trumpets:

  • 9335CH
  • 9335Y
  • 9445CH
  • 9445Y

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