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Our Mouthpiece Modification Service is temporarily unavailable. When this service becomes available again, this notice will be removed. Please Contact Us with any questions.
Mouthpiece Gold & Satin Finishing

We do all gold plating in-house using 24k gold!
Gold options include:

  • Gold (24k) Whole Mouthpiece
  • Gold Plate (24k) Rim and Cup Only
  • Gold Plate (24k) Rim/cup, Satin Silver
  • Gold Plate (24k) Satin Finish
  • Satin Silver Finish

See Plating Examples
Plating services are available for all brass mouthpiece types. Choose your instrument from the Product Categories.

Cut for Sleeves

This system allows the trumpet player to optimize their gap for sound, pitch, and playability.

Throat Modification

Expand the throat diameter of most standard Trumpet, Cornet, Trombone, Tuba, and Flugelhorn mouthpieces!

We generally don't recommend anything below No. 20.

Most standard Bach trumpet mouthpieces have a No. 27 throat with a few exceptions:

  • 5SV - No. 25
  • 5V - No. 20
  • 6BM - No. 26

Throats can only be enlarged (not reduced). The smaller the number, the larger the throat. i.e. a No. 24 throat is larger than a No. 27 throat.

Bent Mouthpiece

Have your mouthpiece bent from 1-12 degrees to help compensate for an overbite or poor embouchure.

10° is usually the most common.

Custom Mouthpiece Engraving

Choose from a variety of patterns and designs or personalize with your name, initials, or a phrase!

See Engraving Examples
Engraving is available for all brass mouthpiece types except French Horn. Choose your instrument from the Product Categories.

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