Bugles, for the Student to the Professional.

Great Quality Student, Basic Bugle!

Three Finishes, Brass Lacquer, Silver Plated & Nickel Silver also check out the available custom engraving.

The Regiment Bugle

Is a USA-designed instrument modeled after the long success of the Rexcraft (Buglecraft) Bugles.  For 60 years the official bugle of the Boy Scouts of America.

What makes this a great instrument at an excellent introductory price?

  • Long proven USA designed instrument
  • Easy playing with good sound production
  • Top-quality yellow brass
  • Skilled workmanship
  • Durable finish
  • Padded zipper case
  • Two rings for a strap and or ceremonial tassels
  • Quality 7C silver trumpet mouthpiece
  • **Bonus** Mouthpiece pouch
  • This instrument is pitched in the key of G and can be lowered to the key of F


  • Bell size: 4 3/8” (112 mm)
  • Bore size: .459” (11.658 mm)
  • Trumpet mouthpiece receiver
  • Overall length: 14 ½” (36.8 cm)
  • Weight with mouthpiece
  • Finish: Clear hard epoxy-type finish over yellow brass


  • Silver-plated Bach style 7C (not a Bach mouthpiece) 
  • Cup diameter:  .640” (16.25 mm)
  • Rim diameter: 1.085” (27.5 mm)
  • Throat size: .144” (3.65 mm)

Buy with confidence this is a real instrument for the beginner looking to learn and play bugle calls.  Please note this is not a trumpet and is not made to play in school bands or orchestras.  The fundamentals of playing the bugle will help you learn any brass instrument.

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