Cut to length Brass and Nickel Silver Tubing

Yellow Brass & Nickel Silver Tubing

  • There may be a pairing size available in both Yellow Brass & Nickel Silver
  • The price is for the first inch. Each additional inch is about half of that price.
  • Sizing is consistent to +/- .001 of an inch.
  • We can cut to your exact length +/- .003 of an inch. If you want a precision cut, select the nearest inch length, rounding up one inch. For example, if you need a 4.350 inch piece you would select 5 inches. Select Precision Cut and type in the exact length in inches to the thousandths of an inch. Example 4.025
  • Max length +/-28 inches. 28 inches is a full piece and is not cut so is offered at a lower price. If you need more than 28 inches, order one tube of 28 inches and another tube of the remaining length.
  • Silver plating or color buffing may be added. (color buffing is included with all silver plating)
  • Other sizes and materials may be available. Contact us with your request.

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