Curry Standard Trumpet Mouthpieces

Curry Standard Line

Engineered like no other mouthpiece, the Curry Standard Line incorporates the same rim and bitepoint on the shallowest to the deepest cup within each diameter. This feature gives you the freedom to select the right cup for the job without having to get used to a different rim.

There is a gradual reduction of undercut, or initial slope into the main, or 1st cup, from the deeper B cup, to the shallow XS cup. This feature reduces the volume of the 1st cup. It also allows for more support in the upper register and a progressively brighter sound. The 2nd cup is the convex portion of the cup that connects the 1st cup with the bore, or drill hole. Second cup dimensions are especially critical in determining resistance, definition of attacks, as well as the overall character and timbre of sound. Second cup dimensions in the CURRY standard line are consistent throughout each diameter, so that a relatively shallow 3Z has many of the same sound characteristics as the deeper 3C or 3B cups.

Curry 600 Series

Looking for a cup that's tight and bright, and a rim that won't tire you out? The 600 Series is for you! Designed for today's high energy music, these designs help you produce maximum sound with minimum effort! The rim is specifically designed to give maximum comfort while allowing superior flexibility over the entire range of the horn. The bite allows you to comfortably grip the mouthpiece, rather than hooking your chops in. The steep undercut gives your chops the room to vibrate freely, no matter how tired and swollen you may be. The flat-bottomed main cup and short second cup provide the resistance you need to keep from "bottoming out." All in all, these features produce a bright, compact sound that projects like no other! In 10 diameters from .600"-.690".

600 Series S and M Cups

These flat-bottomed cups feature a steep undercut and a tight second cup entrance that provides enough resistance to keep your chops from bottoming out. Difference in depth between the S and M cups is only 15 thousandths of an inch (.015"). This cup shape lends itself to to a compact concentrated sound, bright with color, and Immediate response. Please see Mouthpiece Overlays Page for an image.

600 Series C Cups

For those of you that love the 600 Series rim but need a deeper, traditional sounding C cup, they are now available as stock items! Variations of the Curry Standard C cups have been matched to your favorite rim. These come stock with a #10 backbore and 27 throat.

TC Cup

The TC or trumpet cornet cup is actually a slightly shallower version of the popular TF cup (above). A .187" shallower cup give the TC the ability to "light up" and gives it a more all-around sound than the TF cup, which is more "veiled" in quality. Furnished in the 3.1" blank of the TF with the same proprietary backbore and a .153" bore, the TC is a great mouthpiece choice for those who prefer a huge sound with brightness substantial core. Available in all Curry standard rims and also 600 Series rims.

TF Cup

Now available in all 600 Series rim sizes. Not a flugelhorn cup on a trumpet blank, but a brand-new design! It incorporates the depth of sound you get on a flugel piece without the excess cup volume that makes those style mouthpieces difficult to play. It is in tune to high C and above, yet you can play softly and firmly in the low register. Perfect for soft orchestral passages, intimate jazz settings, or for just "working out". The cup is roughly 1/3 concave (trumpet-like) and 2/3 convex (flugel-like) with a proprietary backbore and a .153" (3.89mm) bore. To compensate for tuning, the mouthpiece is .400" shorter than the standard Curry length of 3.5" You can put this mouthpiece in the horn and leave your tuning slide in approximately the same position. The TF cup has also been used with success by many major drum and bugle corps as a mellophone mouthpiece.

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