Denis Wick Small Shank Euphonium / Baritone Mouthpieces


Denis Wick enjoys an international reputation as a virtuoso trombonist and brass teacher. Mr. Wick’s interest in mouthpiece design began when he evolved his own mouthpiece after many years of careful experimenting. In consultation with Britain's finest brass players, Denis Wick began to develop better mouthpieces, using both traditional and new ideas.

All Denis Wick Mouthpieces have been individually designed and continually modified under Mr. Wick's personal supervision until absolute perfection of tone quality and intonation has been achieved.

Denis Wick Baritone mouthpieces are small shank mouthpieces and were designed with the cooperation of British virtuoso Steven Mead. Although they are all based on the well worked principles of the Denis Wick trombone mouthpieces, they all offer small but significant refinements which make them the choice of the finest baritone players. For large and/or medium ("Euro") shank models, see Denis Wick Euphonium mouthpieces.

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