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Woodwind Mouthpieces

Clarinet and saxophone family trees in score order (from high to low).


Eb Soprano - the smallest and the highest!


Bb - the 'standard' clarinet for students and most professionals.

A - (slightly) bigger brother to the Bb.

Bassett Clarinet - a Classical era instrument in the key of A.

Bassett Horn - another Classical era instrument, this one's in F.

Eb Alto - bigger and lower than a Bb, but not as big as the Bb Bass.

Bb Bass - commonly the lowest clarinet heard in orchestra.

EEb Contra-Alto - twice as long as the Eb Alto and very low.

BBb Contra-Bass - the grand-daddy of the family, in some band compositions.



Bb Soprano - think Kenny G.

Eb Alto - the 'standard' for many students.

Bb Tenor - longer and lower than the Alto of course, and so sweet as a solo instrument.

Eb Baritone - roughly twice as big as an Eb Alto, typically the ground floor.

Bb Bass - the basement!

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