Precision Placement

When choosing one of our insignia of flag designs for your new buttons, you may want your buttons to be randomly aligned - each button facing no particular direction - or you may want each or all buttons facing, or reading, in one or more specific direction. You can custom-align your new finger buttons with our Precision Placement service.

When you order your finger buttons and select the Precision Placement option, we will send you the new buttons (unfinished - without design) and instructions on how to mark them so that you get each button's design facing the direction you want.

In short: With this service, you will test-fit the new buttons we send you, mark them, then send them back to us so that we may finish them with your chosen design with your preferred directional placement. Below is the detailed instruction sheet for marking the alignment and your preferred directional placement.

How to get new buttons with Precision Placement service:
  1. Select the finger button series you want to buy. Note: The Precision Placement service is offered only on button series that have an insignia, flag or other directional design - including text - and other custom ordered designs (your own design or logo, for example).
  2. After selecting the button series, select your instrument and browse the buttons in the list (shown by instrument manufacturer, model).
  3. Once you find the button for your make and model on instrument, click Purchase.
  4. Be sure to add Precision Placement under Options from the Custom Shop.
We will send your new buttons (unfinished) with the instructions below on how to test-fit and mark them, and how to send them back to us for finishing with Precision Placement. Check on the status of your order any time by logging in to your account and selecting your order from the Account Information page.
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