Frequently Asked Questions

Brands & Merchandise

Q. Which brands do you carry?

A. We carry a wide variety music accessories from an ever-expanding list of brands.
Here are just a few from the extensive list of brands we carry:

Bach Bob Reeves Curry Denis Wick
PRO TEC Schilke Selmer (USA) Selmer (Paris)
Stork Vandoren Yamaha Bundy
2Cool AirMax Blessing Getzen
Al Cass AMP Barcus-Berry Benge
BERP Blue Juice BO-PEP Chop Saver
DEG Giardinelli Gorg Guardian
Harmon Harris-Teller Hemke Hercules
Holton Jet-Tone Jo-Ral K&M
Kaces Marcinkiewicz Mitchell Lurie Pro Mark
Rico Rovner SEIKO Shastock
Slide-O-Mix Tom Crown Valentino Jupiter

For more information, please Contact Us.


Q. How do I order?
Do I have to order via the internet?

A. We certainly encourage you to order from our website whenever possible; orders from the website help us keep our prices low due to decreased labor cost. However, we understand that sometimes ordering from the website is not possible, so we do have a couple options available to you:

Ordering Method No. 1:
Via the Website (PayPal, Credit Card)

Ordering Method No. 2:
Call us at 540-989-8848 (9:30am-4:00pm ET, M-F)

Q. Are your ordering pages secure? Can I send you my credit card info in confidence?

A. Shopping security at Mouthpiece is absolutely 100% guaranteed. We understand that shopping online can feel risky and uncertain at times. Where does your information go? How can you be sure that someone out there with a computer can't intercept your credit card numbers? Your credit card security is our highest priority, Mouthpiece has taken several steps to ensure that your payment information is processed confidentially and accurately.

Mouthpiece servers use Secure Sockets Layer (SSL), an advanced encryption technology that works with all modern browsers. This encryption makes it absolutely impossible for unauthorized parties to read any information that you send us.

So, there's no risk! In fact, shopping online at Mouthpiece is statistically safer than using your credit card at a restaurant or department store. We trust you'll find yourself appreciating the fun and convenience of shopping at home.

If you have questions regarding our credit card security policies, please Contact Us.

Q. What about backorders? What happens if I have backordered items in my order?

A. We attempt to keep as complete and well-rounded inventory as possible. However, backorders occur from time to time despite our best efforts. The products of some manufacturers are particularly popular -- these manufacturers sometimes experience considerable delays in providing us with product to sell to you. Therefore, we make no claims or guarantees about availability by posting products for sale on Mouthpiece Please review these policies about backorders:

  1. If some of the items in your order are backordered, but other items are in stock, we hold the in-stock items until all backordered items arrive and ship all items together. One shipment saves you money, as the shipping courier charges each time they deliver. We will ship items separately only if you request it -- if you request separate shipping you will be charged for shipping for each shipment.
  2. We will inform you via email of backorders as soon as possible after the date of your order. We will estimate the arrival time of the backordered items, but please note that the estimate is not a guarantee of delivery time. The estimate is based on those suppliers' history of delivering like items. Additional delays can and do occur.
  3. If your order includes backordered items and you requested premium shipping (such as UPS 3 Day Select, 2nd Day Air or Next Day Air), we will ship to you using that shipping service unless you request otherwise.


Q. What forms of payment can I use?

A. We accept the following forms of payment:

  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • Discover
  • American Express
  • PayPal ("Verified" Paypal accounts only)
  • Credit Card by fax
  • Purchase Orders from schools and governments (in USA only)

More info for PayPal customers

  1. We must receive your cleared payment notification from PayPal before we ship. If you are ordering special order items, we must receive your payment before we order those items.
  2. We accept Paypal payments from "Verified" Paypal accounts only. To verify your PayPal account, go to and follow Paypal's instructions to verify your account.
  3. If your Paypal account is not verified and we receive a Paypal payment from you, we will cancel your order and return your payment. You may reinstate your order by verifying your Paypal account and then you may resubmit your payment.

More info about Purchase Orders

We accept purchase orders from school and approved institions ONLY. If you are ordering by purchase order, call us at 540-989-8848.

Payment Types Not Accepted

  • Certified Checks
  • Cash
  • C.O.D.

Q. I don't have a credit card--how can I order from you?

A. We recommend PayPal to those who prefer not to use a credit card.

If you're not familiar with PayPal, they allow you to set up an account with your email address that allows you to send and receive money. The great thing about PayPal is that you don't need a credit card to use their services, and it's free! Visit for further details.

Please note that we accept Paypal payments from "verified" Paypal accounts only. Again, details are available on the website.

When you have your PayPal account setup, place your order with us via our website, and select PayPal as the method of payment. Then go to the PayPal site and follow their directions to send your payment to us at <>. PayPal will notify us of your payment, and that's it! We'll process your order!

If you have further questions about how to use PayPal to pay for your order, Contact Us.

Q. When do you charge my credit card?

A. For orders of stock mouthpieces and accessories, we charge your credit card at the time we ship your order. Since custom mouthpiece orders are non-cancellable, we charge those orders at the time the order is placed. This includes gold plated mouthpieces, custom mouthpieces, and special orders.

Shipping and Returns

Q. What is your trial/return policy?

A. We offer a 15 day trial. That means you may order as many mouthpieces as you wish to try for a 15 day trial (from date of delivery). All returned items are subject to a 10% restocking fee. Some exclusions and conditions apply. Read complete details about our Return & Audition/Trial Policy.

Q. After I receive my RMA, where do I ship my item(s)?

A. Returns should be shipped to the following address:
Mouthpiece Express, LLC
2030 East Main St.
Salem, VA 24153

Q. Can I cancel or return a gold plated or satin finish mouthpiece?

A. Mouthpieces with special plating and/or finishes are NON-CANCELABLE and NON-RETURNABLE. Please read Plating & Finishing Info before ordering mouthpieces with special plating or finishes. Thank you!

Q. What do I do if there's damage during shipping?

A. Your merchandise was checked and confirmed perfect at the time of shipment. If there was any damage during shipping, contact us IMMEDIATELY! Contact Us.

IMPORTANT! You MUST save all packing materials for examination by the shipper. We will be unable to issue you a refund or exchange for damaged merchandise if you do not follow these instructions.

Q. How soon do you ship after I place my order?

A. We do our best to ship as many orders as possible every day, but we do not guarantee same day shipment. If time is a factor, order as early in the day as possible, or call us at 540-989-8848 if you have specific questions or concerns.

Q. Can you tell me how much shipping costs?

A. Our system automatically calculates shipping fees based on your address, so we cannot send you that information. Here's how to find out the shipping fee for items without actually ordering:

  • Go to our website and add the items you wish to order to your Shopping Cart. (You can look in your cart by clicking the Cart icon at the top-right of the site). If you are in the US, click the Shipping Options button to see the range of shipping options avaiable to your zip code.
  • Or, click the CHECKOUT button and follow the Checkout procedure to see the available shipping services and fees for your area.

Q. I'm an international customer. Can you mark my shipment "gift" or "samples" or include an invoice with a lower purchase price?

A. Sorry, we can't do that. Misrepresenting a shipment for the purpose of avoiding or reducing taxes or customs fees is mail fraud.

Order Status Levels

Below is a list of status levels and their meaning.

  • Awaiting Payment - The order has been placed but is waiting on customer to submit payment.
  • Backorder - The item ordered is out of stock and on order from the supplier.
  • Cancelled - The order has been canceled either at the customers request or because of non-payment.
  • Customization - The item is currently in our custom department (gold plating, engraving, etc.).
  • Declined Credit Card - The credit card used was declined. Usually a call to your credit card company will clear the card for transaction.
  • Modified - The order was changed at the custome's request.
  • Non-Payment - The order has been cancelled due to non-payment usually because no action was taken after a credit card was declined.
  • Partially Shipped - In-Stock items have been shipped ahead of out-of-stock items at the customers request.
  • PayPal Cancelled - Customer paid via PayPal and has canceled the order.
  • PayPal Refunded - Customer has been issued a refund through PayPal for a cancelled/returned item.
  • Pending - Order has been placed by the customer and is awaiting to be processed by MouthpieceExpress.
  • Plating - Awaiting Mouthpiece - Backordered product has been ordered and is waiting to be plated.
  • Plating - Processing - Order has been placed and is waiting in our plating department.
  • Processing - Order has been placed and is waiting to be pulled from our warehouse.
  • Pulled - The order has been processed and the item has been pulled from our warehouse to be shipped.
  • Returned - Item has been returned by the customer.
  • RMA Number Issued - The customer would like to return an order and requested a Return Merchandise Authorization Number.
  • Shipped - The package has been shipped! Be sure to check your account/email for a tracking number when available.
  • Miscellaneous

    Sometimes I can't get through on the phone.

    We are not a large MEGAbox shop - We are big enough to offer a great selection and great custom services, but not so big that we don't care about your order! While our size helps us keep a close relationship with our customers, it also keeps our small staff very busy and sometimes hard to reach by phone.
    If you can't get through by phone, please use our Contact Form or email us. We are an internet business so we spend a good part of the day in front of a computer screen and shipping orders. We try to respond to emails quickly during the day but it could sometimes take 24 hours to get a response. We are human so if you don't get a response within a reasonable amount of time please try again.

    Q. I sent you a message but didn't receive a reply. What's up?

    A. We do our best to answer every email. Like many folks, you may be using a spam filter to delete junk email. Some spam filters think any email address starting with "sales" is spam. You might wish to check your junk mail folder. Or, just add "" to your address book so that your email program always sees our emails as "real."

    Please note: We have seen this problem particularly with users of AOL email.

    Q. What are "Companion Products?"

    A. "Companion Products" are items which we reccomend purchasing along with certain products. Usually these products will not work properly without their "Companion Product." e.g. A mouthpiece that has been "Cut for Sleeves" will not work without a Sleeve. Therefore we have Sleeves as "Companion Products."

    Because of the nature of "Companion Products" they are often drastically discounted! Because of this discount we only allow one of each "Companion Product" per main product.

    Q. Do you have a print catalog you can send me?

    A. We decided to publish our entire catalog ONLY on our website, for two important reasons: 1) We can hold expenses down (and pass the savings on to you), and 2) So that we can keep our prices and product lines current and update the catalog instantly whenever we want. A print catalog is usually obsolete before its even mailed.

    Q. Can my school get educational pricing on new instruments or large orders of accessories?

    A. Yes! We have a School Music Division. Contact us for further details.

    Q. Is my vital data safe with you? What's your Privacy policy?

    A. You can send your vital information to us in confidence, because our ordering pages are hosted on secure servers that encrypt your data during transmission. We're committed to honoring your privacy - please see our Privacy Notice.

    Please note: At any point, if you prefer not to receive email promotions or news from us, simply notify us, and we'll remove you from our mailing list, no questions asked.

    Q. Who are you guys, anyway? Where are you located?

    A. We are Mouthpiece Express, LLC. We're musicians serving musicians worldwide since 1999. We are located in Roanoke, Virginia with a brick & mortar store called Star City Music that serves all of central and southwest Virginia - through retail sales, service, and our School Music Division which offers a turn-key instrument rental program for parents of young students. serves customers around the world! Here is our mailing address and phone number:

    Mailing address:
    2030 East Main St.
    Salem, VA 24153

    tel: 540-989-8848

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