Brass Accessories & Mutes

Here you'll find mouthpiece adapters for brass instruments -- some common and some not-so-common.

Buzz Buddie
The Buzz Buddie is your ultimate practice tool:

  • Compact - Fits in your pocket for easy transport
  • Sturdy - Constructed from top grade metals
  • Convenient - Easily switch from buzz to play mode
  • Customizable - Choose either Silver or Gold plating. Pick from a variety of colors and patterns for your inlay. You can even get Custom Finger Buttons to match!

  • Horn Flush
    Horn Flush is the professional do-it-yourself cleaning system that allows anyone to perform regular maintenance cleanings to their brass instrument without using harsh chemicals.

    Mouthpiece sanitizer and freshener - Spray FlavOmist directly onto the mouthpiece and let evaporate (about 1 min). Delight in the freshness and pleasant aroma of a clean mouthpiece.

    Sleeves & Boosters
    Curry Sound Sleeves and Denis Wick Tone Boosters, that is. These allow the brass player to easily add mass to the mouthpiece for a different response and 'slot.'

    Valve Caps & Rods
    For trumpet players: Bach valve caps fit Bach Strad trumpets and are available in lacquered brass, nickel plate or gold plate. Heavy versions add more mass to your horn and more 'weight' to your sound. Mark Curry's CCAPS are sold in various weights and are available for several instruments including Schilke, Getzen, Yamaha and more...

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