Curry Standard Flugel Mouthpieces

Curry Flugelhorn mouthpieces are available for every rim size available. They balance well and produce a velvety, clean sound. Three cup depths: FL is a standard-style deep flugel (.750" deep) cup #18 (4.31mm) bore suitable for most work; FLM is a medium-shallow flugel (.625" deep) cup #22 (3.99mm) bore for those that desire a shallower cup; FLD cup is my deepest cup (.875" deep) #15 (4.58mm) bore that offers the richest, darkest sound of the Curry line and is the next logical step to the deepest flugelhorn cups on the market.

Please note: ALL 600 Series rims are available with corresponding FLM, FL, and FLD cups.

Proper fitting of a flugelhorn mouthpiece is more important than most players think. Please be sure to choose the correct shank style when ordering. See information below.


There are three commonly used flugelhorn tapers, with a fourth (German), being less common.

Standard, or Yamaha taper: fits Yamaha, Getzen, Callet, Benge/King/Conn, Weril, Holton and older Kanstul 1525 fluglehorns and other “American” flugelhorns except Bach.

Bach taper: Fits Bach, Olds, Courtois, LeBlanc (including Sandoval), B&S, and some other European brands, and Kanstul models 725, 1025, & 1525.

Couesnon, or French Taper: Fits Couesnon, some other European brands, Flip Oakes "Wild Thing," Kanstul CCF 925, and original F. Besson flugelhorns. Couesnon taper is sometimes referred to as French taper. Not really a taper at all, but a 10mm (.393" diameter) straight shank with a locking taper about an inch up the shank to securely lock the mouthpiece in the non-tapered French leadpipe receiver. This is not to be confused with the following "German" taper.

German 10mm taper: This is a tapered shank starting at 10mm (.393"). This has been used with some Miraphone flugels and is the "large shank" option with the CarolBrass flugels. Stock mouthpieces shipped with these horns resemble a slightly shorter trumpet mouthpiece that will not fit any other flugel horn. Available by special order only, Curry flugelhorn mouthpieces with the German shank will be the standard Curry Flugelhorn length of 2.625".

Note: Standard taper will fit in most flugels requiring a Bach taper. They just stick out of the tuning bit about 1/3" (8mm) further. Mouthpiece engagement of at least 5/8" (.625") or more into the tuning bit is usually sufficient.

Note: Curry flugel mouthpieces are correspondingly marked -Y, -B, and -F to indicate the shank size after the cup and rim marking. That is; 3FL-Y would indicate a 3FL cup and rim with the Yamaha shank, 3FL-B a Bach shank, and 3FL-F a French shank.

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