Standard Trumpet Mouthpieces

Standard Series trumpet mouthpieces are arranged in ascending order from deep to shallow cup depths, with the #0 being the deepest, and the #15 being the shallowest. This arrangement allows players to select mouthpieces by precise increments of depth to find the correct cup depth and volume required for their individual playing needs.

Some of our mouthpiece models are dual numbered. This dual number is used to help identify industry popular Bach mouthpiece models. For example our model #4/7C, the #4 is a Marcinkiewicz mouthpiece inspired by the Bach 7C. The model number is designated 4/7C to reference its size and comparison to the Bach 7C.

All Standard Series mouthpieces are offered with our "S" backbore. The "S" backbore is combined with a No. 26 throat to give a broader darker tone. These standard models are also offered in a Cornet version.

Endorsee Trumpet Mouthpieces

The endorsee series represents a collection of custom mouthpieces made for specific players over our history. Measurements such as cup diameter and throat are not arranged systematically; however the series is numbered progressively by cup depth.

Also included is a collection of classic mouthpieces to help with needs not met with other mouthpieces in the catalog.

300 Trumpet Mouthpieces

The "300" Series was Developed specifically with the student in mind (although many professionals use them as well). These mouthpieces offer the same rim (similar to a 3C*) on 15 different cup depths, graduated at .006 in. intervals, (the equivalent to the thickness of two human hairs.), from deepest (No.301) to shallowest (No.315), allowing the developing player to find optimal response from a mouthpiece to perfectly match their needs.

As players mature, their needs change and mature as well. The 300 series has created a superior selection of cup depth, while maintaining the exact rim dimensions. The result is a mouthpiece that both feels good to the player and provides the desired sound instantly, without a frustrating transition.

The 300 series comes standard with our "S" (symphonic) back bore combined with a No. 27 venturri/throat. These modifications allow the players to create a richer, darker tone perfectly suited for concert bands and orchestras.

ProLine Trumpet Mouthpieces

The ProLine represents the darkest tone mouthpiece models we offer. This series features 3 rims (A, B and C) and 3 cup depths. The 'A' rim is our largest rim diameter most similar to a Bach 1. The 'B' rim is slightly smaller, most similar to a Bach 1 1/4 C. The 'C' rim is the smallest, most similar to a Bach 3C rim. As with all Marcinkiewicz mouthpieces, the cups are numbered from deep to shallow. (#1 being the deepest and #5 being the shallowest)

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