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The Schilke line of horn mouthpieces features 9 models including 3 Artist models and the original Farkas model.

In numerical order: the 27 is the Dale Clevenger model with a narrow diameter and thin rim; the 30 is the Farkas model with a wide rounded rim and fairly deep cup; the popular 31B has a wide rim and large bowl cup created for Frank Brouk formerly of the Chicago Symphony; and the 31C2 was developed for David Sprung of the San Francisco Opera, it has a very thin rim and medium-large cup.

Other popular Schilke models include the 29 -- it has a fairly small bore and relatively shallow cup good for high horn playing, as well as the 28, considered a true 'French' model also with a small cup good for descant horn of the highest variety.

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Stork Francis Orval mouthpieces are wildly popular throughout Europe and Asia as well as here in the states. They offer a perfect blend of cup depth and shape, along with a very moderate bore size that combine to give this mouthpiece exceptional playability and adaptability. This mouthpiece has its place in major orchestras throughout the world as well as in the hands of solo artists and chamber players.

Available in 9 different inner diameter sizes, finding one to fit your needs is easy to do!

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