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About Trombone Mouthpiece Shank Sizes

Trombone mouthpieces are made in different sizes (shank sizes) to fit different sized horns. Though some Tenor trombones use a "tenor" sized shank (small), many large-bore Tenors use a large shank ("bass" large shank) mouthpiece. Examples of large-bore tenors that use the large shank size include instruments like the Bach 42B or the Conn 88H ... and of course large shank mouthpieces also fit instruments like the largest Edwards Bass trombones.

Many Large Shank trombone mouthpieces will also fit Large Shank Euphoniums.

See also, Euphonium/Baritone Mouthpieces.

Note About Medium ("European") Shank

Some European-made Euphoniums, such as Willson and pre-1974 Boosey & Hawkes euphoniums, require medium shank. Medium shank is often called "European”" taper.

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