Standard Trumpet Mouthpieces:

Pickett Brass manufacture their popular cups and backbores together as a one piece trumpet mouthpiece.

Get almost any combination of cup, throat, and backbore together in one piece of brass.

Trumpet Mouthpiece Tops:

Experience the benefit of Pickett Brass mouthpiece tops with your backbore. These tops are a one piece, rim & cup model.

With design consulting by world class trumpeters Vince DiMartino and Mark Clodfelter, Pickett Brass rims and cups offer optimum flexibility and consistent, precise articulations.

Trumpet Mouthpiece Backbores:

One of a kind mouthpiece backbores. Pickett Brass offers seven different styles to compliment any playing situation. All brushed finished unless otherwise requested.

Pair your backbore with one of Pickett Brass' mouthpiece tops or choose from any one of a number of other manufacturers including Bach Tops. More coming soon!

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