Jack of Diamonds Wooden Oval Tag
Jack of Diamonds Wooden Oval Tag
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Please remember to tell us the contact information you'd like on the back of your tag in the comments field during checkout.

Each laser-engraved tag is made from Alder Wood and includes an adjustable buckle strap.

Tags are approximately 3.5"x2.0"

Please Contact Us for custom options requarding large quantity orders.

A Message from Tim

Hi Friend!

Early in my life I was diagnosed with a brain tumor and given little hope of surviving. After four major brain surgeries, chemotherapy, and radiation I was doing all right. Although I had a bit of a set back with a stroke a few years ago. To date I still struggle with limited movement and profound hearing loss from the Chemo and Radiation treatments. This has caused a challenge with employment.

I recently graduated from high school and was looking for a way to support myself and not to be a burden on society or my family. After some time with my Dad we came up with the idea of using my excitement for working with computer graphics as well as working with my hands to make quality custom name and house tags. I currently only have a few offerings but I hope I will be able to expand and offer more items in the catalog soon. I am excited with this new project and it should be a lot of fun. If you have an idea for a tag you'd like please let me know!

I hope you will find what I do a use to you or as a nice personal gift for a friend or loved one. Please share with a friend, colleague or family member who may benefit from my tags.
Your support is greatly appreciated.

Thank you,
Tim's Tagworks

PS: My Mom and Dad helped me write this :)

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