Curry XXCAPS, Stradivarius (Gold)
Curry XXCAPS, Stradivarius (Gold)
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Custom Engraving

Curry XXCAPS for Stradivarius are engravable. Choose from a variety of designs, have a short phrase, your name or initials engraved, or even send us your signature!

  • Phrases are allowed a generous 25 characters.
  • Initials appear 4 times with the diamond embellishment.
  • Engravings will appear on all 3 caps unless otherwise noted.
    Click Here to check out the engraving gallery.

    Precision Placement Engraving

    Every Horn is machined differently. We cannot guarantee that a signature will line up where you'd like it on your instrument. However, there are steps you can take to change the position of your signature that should not noticeably effect the playability of the horn. One option is to simply place a small washer or rubber O ring inside the cap.
    Another option is our Precission Placement service. For only $19.99 in shipping and handling we'll send you our Precision Placemnet Packet with tools and instructions on how to mark your new caps for us to precisely engrave your caps exactly where you want!
    Please Contact Us if you have any questions.

    Click Here to see the engraving gallery.

    Please Note: Engraved caps are non-cancelable and non-returnable.

    XXCap your Bach Strad!

    9 Piece Set that includes:

    • 3 matching heavy fingerbuttons
    • 3 recessed heavy top CCAPS
    • 3 heavy bottom CCAPS
    • Shims and O-rings included

    Available in raw brass, silver plate and gold plate.
    Allow 2-3 weeks for GOLD Plated XXCAPS.

    Please note! We will accept returns of XXCAPS (excluding satinized and/or gold plated XXCAPS), but they will be subject to a 20% restocking fee.
    Buttons will not satinized unless noted in the comments field during checkout.

    High Profile Caps

    If you're searching for caps with the same great look as the Curry XXCaps but with none of the extra weight, check out our High Profile and High Profile Light Caps.
    These caps are designed to be engravable and fit in a standard trumpet case!

    CCAPS Size Inner Diameter
    & Thread Pitch
    Fits these horns
    #1 .725" 36 TPI Yamaha (American models), King, Benge 90 series
    #2 .710" 32 TPI Bach Stradivarius
    #3 .710" 36 TPI Schilke, Benge, most Kanstul produced trumpets
    CS-H .710" 36 TPI Hex CCAPS for Schilke
    CS-HM .710" 36 TPI Magnum Hex CCAPS
    #4 .735" 36 TPI Getzen, Stomvi, Sandoval T257, T357
    #5 .725" 32 TPI Blackburn, Most Calicchios
    #6 .710" 40 TPI Blessing Holton ST 307
    #7 .781" 40 TPI Conn Connstellation (most)
    #8 .750" 36 TPI Olds (most), and others
    #9 .750" 32 TPI Olds (some), and others
    YFL .781" 36 TPI Yamaha flugels 631, 731
    CFL .757" 32 TPI Couesnon flugels
    B&S .711" .75mm TPI B&S Challeger Trpt, Flugel
    J .725" .5mm Yamaha (Japanese model)
    K O.D. .695" Selmer "K" (K Radial can use only 2 CCAPS)
    CG O.D. .706" 36 TPI Claude Gordon Selmer only
    T .715" 36 TPI Bach TR 300
    XXCAPS (X) .710" 32 TPI Bach Stradivarius
    XXCAPS (Y) .725" 36 TPI Yamaha (most)
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