Horn Flush Complete Cleaning System
Horn Flush Complete Cleaning System
Horn Flush is the professional do-it-yourself cleaning system that allows anyone to perform regular maintenance cleanings to their brass instrument without using harsh chemicals.
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  • The complete Horn Flush System includes concentrate, Horn Blaster, and storage bag!
  • The 16 oz. bottle included in the Horn Flush System comes with 4 oz. of Horn Flush; enough concentrate for up to 4 flushes! (2 low brass).
  • The environmentally friendly and water-soluble solution is swished into the instrument to loosen built up dirt, grit, and food particles that impede the smooth movement of valves and slides. As a bonus, it leaves your instrument smelling great!
  • The Jet Blaster can be used to easily discharge and flush out the loosened particles from your instrument.
  • We recommend cleaning your horn at least once every 90 days depending on the amount of use and when the instrument is used.
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