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Polite and reserved. This is the barrel that started a revolution in clarinet design. An exotic wood body between two integrated wooden rings brings unyielding response and even articulation. Many artists consider this barrel to be the optimal choice for solo and chamber music playing. 


  • Medium resistance
  • Polite and reserved sound character
  • Integrated wooden rings

Ideal For:

  • Solo and Chamber Music
  • Players who focus on "standard" repertoire
  • Those looking for a more traditional barrel

Which Length?

"Standard" length is 65-66mm. But your instrument may vary! The length of the barrel determines what pitch (how high or low) you'll be playing throughout your entire range. Since clarinets and players are all different, our barrels are available in a wide variety of lengths to meet most demands. Generally, you'll want to make sure you order the same length as your current barrel if you're happy with the intonation.

Is your current barrel playing in tune?

  • If Yes - Order the same length.
    • Usually this is written directly on the barrel. (Ex. 660 or 66 means 66mm)
    • If not, simply use a metric ruler to find out.
  • If No - Order a different length.
    • If you're sharp (too high) order a slightly longer barrel.
    • If you're flat (too low) order a slightly shorter barrel.

Tip:When in doubt, order the 1mm smaller size. It's always easy to pull out a little bit if it's too short, but very difficult to make the barrel shorter if it's too long!

Which Fit?

Standard Fit Backun, Buffet, Selmer (USA, Centered Tone, 10G, Series 9), Yamaha, and most other model brands. Most clarinet brands will be Standard fit, but please note that handmade instruments or very old instruments may have subtle sizing differences that can't be foreseen. Selmer Paris instruments not listed above (for the most part) have a slightly different socket depth, and you must be sure to order the Selmer fit. Generally, Selmer fit uses increments that end in 0.5mm increments (Ex. 65.5mm). If you're not sure, please contact us before ordering.

Standard Plus Special Order Same as above with larger bore for more free blowing feel

Selmer Paris Fit Special Order Selmer Paris Fit (Not including Selmer USA, Centered Tone, 10G, Series 9)

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