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Stork Custom Mouthpieces has been serving brass players the world over for 25 years. They first opened their doors in mid-town Manhattan right on Broadway and 46th Street. Since then they have moved their operations to the beautiful hills of Vermont. Their focus was then and has continued to be mouthpieces... and only mouthpieces.

Stork's business is built on knowledge, experience, and craftsmanship. Stork has built their reputation on this foundation - with the skills to solve any mouthpiece issue...

About Stork's Studio Master Mouthpieces
A unique design especially for the commercial musician, Studio Master models put more sizzle, scream, and pop into every track! Studio Master models are shorter in length than a standard trumpet mouthpiece. This factor, combined with compensating features in cup, bore, and backbore, work to boost the high range while opening up the sound for a full, free tone.

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