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Curry Tuba Mouthpieces are available in five diameters and three different cup styles. A better range of dynamics and tonal colors within each diameter is now possible! The newly added "Geib" style cup can also accomodate your F Tuba as well. "European" shanks are available at extra cost.

Cup Styles

D models have a modified hybrid cup combining the best characteristics of the Helleberg and Bach style cups with a standard style rim. The bore is .324" (8.2mm). An all-around mouthpiece easily suitable for all types of music.

DH models have the traditional deep, conically shaped cup that suits strong embouchures. The rim has the flatness and the pronounced bite of the original Hellebergs that provides an exceptional "seal". Furnished with a .324" bore (8.2mm).

G models feature the parabolic cup shape of the original Geib mouthpiece that promotes a slight "bounce" on the attack. Although slightly shallower than the D and DH models they still have comparable cup volume (more important than cup depth when determining the "blow" of a mouthpiece). A .322" (8.18mm) bore is standard. Great for "smaller" tubas as well.

Rim Types

The Standard rim (all D models) is similar to Bach rims. It provides a good seal and the rounded inner edge provides both an accurate attack and comfort.

Helleberg style rims (all DH models) have the stong bite and flat rim surface like the original Helleberg models, with little "fall-off" to the outside. If you prefer the "seal" and attack of the Helleberg rim, they’re now available on models 124 through 132.

The Geib rim (all G models) has a semi-round, semi-flat contour of medium width, with a comfortably soft bite. This combination enhances control and flexibility for the well-trained embouchure.

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