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Here you'll find Genuine Original Manufacturer Parts (OEM parts) from top brands like Bach, Yamaha, Schilke, and more direct from their factory to our warehouse.

Can't find it? We have the most common parts available, here on our site. If you need a part we don't have listed, please Contact Us!

You can also check The Parts Hub for schematics of a few popular instruments. (The Parts Hub is a resource for finding non-stocked parts).

Replacement Instrument Parts Include

  • Top & Bottom Caps
  • Bells
  • Lead Pipes
  • Tuning Slides with crooks
  • Horn Flush Tune-up Kits that include*:
    1. Top Cap Bumpers
    2. Valve Stem Felts
    3. Valve Guides
    4. Valve Springs
    5. Waterkey Corks
  • Waterkeys
  • Waterkey Tuning Slides
  • Stop Nuts (gold plating available!)
  • Screw, Stop Post
  • Piston Sets
  • And MORE!


    We also offer Services like our thorough Trumpet Tune-up Service that includes:

  • Three-stage Cleaning
  • Replacement of felts, valve springs & guides, waterkey corks and springs with New Original Equipment (OEM) parts**
  • Minor dent removal
  • Lubrication and reassembly

    * Some Tune-Up kits may vary. See individual Tune-Up kit pages for details.
    **See Trumpet Tune-up page for details

    Note: Check The Parts Hub for non-stocked parts for some trumpet models.

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