Yamaha Silent Brass


Great for when you MUST practice. Like in the middle of the night, or when you just don't want anyone else to hear!

Complete Systems & Bundles

It's simple: you hear, they don't! Complete systems include the (standard) ST9 Personal Studio Module plus the Silent Brass mute for your instrument, as well as connecting cord and earphones.

'Bundles' include (the advanced) ST5 Studio Module and the Silent Brass mute for your instrument.


Silent Brass mutes may be ordered alone (without either studio module), and used as a 'conventional' practice mute. Mutes are available for: picc. trumpet, trumpet/cornet, flugelhorn, french horn, trombone, euphonium, and tuba. Mutes include connecting cord for use with either module.

Studio Modules

The studio module connects to your Silent Brass mute -- you can hear yourself play through earphones while not disturbing others! Order a Studio Module if you already have a Silent Brass mute. There are two models:

The ST9 is the 'standard' personal studio module and is included with 'Systems.' It features one input for a Silent Brass Mute, one Aux. input (for a CD player or Mini-Disc player), and one headphone/earphone output. Also includes battery, strap, and manual.

The ST5 is Yamaha's high-end module and is included with 'Bundles.' ST5 features include 32 effects; including 4-band EQ, reverb, pitch change, distortion, dynamics, modulation and delay, as well as a tuner, metronome, rhythm patterns, phrase sampler, real-time pitch control... Includes AC adaptor, soft case and manual.

Carry Cases

Mouthpiece Express also sells Yamaha-brand carrying bags for your Silent Brass Mute!

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