Our Trade-In Service is temporarily unavailable. When this service becomes available again, this notice will be removed. Please Contact Us if you have a very large collection of used mouthpieces and are considering trade-in.
Brass Mouthpiece Trade-In!

Trade in your old brass mouthpiece for store credit!

Got an old brass mouthpiece or 2 (or 10) laying around? Trade it in for store credit!

Simply take an inventory of what you have, email us some pictures, and we'll make you an offer!

If you'd like to accept our offer, securely package your mouthpiece(s) ensuring proper padding (we recommend using lots of bubblewrap) and mail your mouthpieces to us. Give us a couple days to process your order and you should receive an email once your account has been credited.

Please allow a minimum of two weeks upon receipt of your trade-in mouthpiece for credit to be applied to payment method.

Terms & Conditions

Trade-in mouthpiece must be complete and in reasonable condition with no significant dents or scratches on the playing surface of the rim, inside of the cup, or on the backbore. Trade-in mouthpieces in like-new condition may receive additional credit. Trade-in mouthpieces deemed unacceptable will be returned to the customer with no trade-in credit. These decisions are at the sole discretion of Mouthpiece Express (but we're reasonable).


Shank too badly damaged but the rim looks great (or vice versa)? Send us some pictures and your mouthpiece may still be acceptable.

Minor scuffs on the rim are acceptable.

Minor dents are acceptable if they're close enough to the side of the rim, away from the playing surface.

Scratches on the playing surface are not acceptable.

Dents on the playing surface are not acceptable.

Minor dents on the shank are acceptable.

Major shank damage is not acceptable.

Clean it up

Think your old mouthpiece is too dingy? Just wipe it down with a polishing cloth and it might not be that bad! Just remember, minor scuffs are acceptable but mouthpieces with dents on the playing surface of the rim or on the backbore cannot be accepted.

Before a simple polish.

After a wipe down with a polish cloth.

Packaging Do's and Don'ts

Securely package your mouthpiece(s) ensuring proper padding (we recommend using lots of bubblewrap) to mail your mouthpieces to us.

Please securely package your mouthpiece(s) ensuring proper padding.

We suggest using lots of bubble wrap. Wrap each mouthpiece individually to prevent damage during shipment.

Please do not package your mouthpieces like this. If they weren't damaged before, they will be after they arrive to us.

Approved trade-in mouthpiece brands

Bach Bob Reeves C.G. Conn Curry
Doug Elliot Denis Wick GR Greg Black
Holton Karl Hammond Laskey Marcinkiewicz
Parduba Pickett Brass Rudy Muck Schilke
Stomvi Stork System Blue Warburton

Don't see your mouthpiece brand on the list? Contact Us and we may make an exception!

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