Haynes Flute Headjoints


Custom Handmade Headjoints

Haynes offers three styles of Custom Handmade headjoints, the "Classis", the P Cut aka the “Piedmont” and the N Cut aka “Nagog” and are offered in many combinations of material from sterling silver, to 19.5k rose gold and platinum with a wall thickness of .016” and od of the tenon of .780”.

These headjoints have a lot in common, but there are some notable differences.

The "Classic" is cut to give the familiar Haynes sound, warm, rich and flexible and is the default headjoint for all Haynes flutes. With its ease of playability for the advancing student and the pro player who is not interested in the forward projection and complex tone colors found in the P Cut and especially the N Cut. One is not better than the other, just different.

The "P Cut" was named in honor of Piedmont Street, in the center of Boston, Massachusetts where the Haynes workshop was located from the early fifties to 2010.

Here are some notable differences: The "P Cut" features a smaller lip plate and shorter riser/wall. This lightens the headjoint a bit making it quick sounding with a lively response.

The "N Cut" is named after the Nagog wetlands that surround the current Haynes workshop in Acton, Massachusetts.

The "N Cut" has a broader Lip Plate and taller Riser/wall. With a bit more mass this headjoint features projection and a more complex tone color.

Fitting a headjoint to your flute.

Most flutes have a standardized bore size of .748" The tubing thicknesses vary from the “standard wall” .015"-.016" of course this depends on who you ask. The heavy walls .017"-.018" and the thin wall varieties from .012” to the most common thin wall .014”.

Adjusting the headjoint +/- .005” is a pretty easy task for a qualified skilled technician. When the adjustment becomes more than the plus or minus .005” some unforeseen problems can occur with reducing or expanding the headjoint a large amount, the taper is affected, and it may change the tone color and playability of the headjoint. If you elect to have it expanded or reduced a large amount you should be aware the headjoint cannot be changed back and you will be stuck with the results whether they are good or bad.

If you really want a particular headjoint for your flute and it’s in the extremes consider having a new barrel fitted to your flute or if the barrel is to small it can be enlarged on the lathe. This is more expensive but far less than ruing a perfectly good headjoint. Please note you can’t return a headjoints that has been fitted to your flute.

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