Returns & Audition Policy

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Returns should be shipped to the following address

Mouthpiece Express, LLC
2030 East Main St.
Salem, VA 24153

We accept returns under the following terms and conditions:

All returns must be pre-approved and assigned a RETURN AUTHORIZATION NUMBER (RMA). This ensures and expedites any appropriate credits. DO NOT SHIP YOUR RETURN UNTIL YOU HAVE RECEIVED YOUR RMA NUMBER. Thank you. Click Here to request your RMA Number.

Pack the merchandise carefully, along with a copy of the invoice. Write your RMA number on the invoice and on the exterior of the package. Please notate on the invoice which items you are returning. Failure to include a notated invoice will result in a 10% research fee.

We recommend that you insure your return and use shipment tracking. We will not be responsible for damage or loss during return shipping.

We must receive your return within 10 days of the issuance of the RMA number. Returns received late will be charged a 10% late fee.

Returned items, such as mouthpieces, must be returned in such a condition that they can still be sold as new items, including the product-specific packaging such as mouthpiece boxes. All returned items must be unblemished, with no nicks, dents, gouges, scrapes, and/or scratches. Any damaged returns will be charged a minimum 50% fee (in addition to any applicable re-stocking fee).

Returned instrument parts, such as bells and leadpipes, must be returned in such a condition that they can still be sold as new items with no solder marks. Parts that have been purchased and installed are non-returnable.

Except in the case of an error on our part, ALL shipping costs for returns are the responsibility of the customer.

Except for error on our part or damage in shipping, all returns will be assessed a 10% per item cleaning/restocking fee.

Mouthpiece, Leadpipe & Crook Audition:

You may purchase mouthpieces, leadpipes and crooks on a 15 day trial basis.
Here’s how:

  1. Purchase the mouthpieces you would like to audition. Your credit card will be charged for all mouthpieces, leadpipes, and crooks on the order at the time of shipping. The audition offer grants you 15 days from the date of delivery to try the auditioned items.
  2. Contact us to receive an RMA number within 15 days prior to returning any auditioned items.
  3. You may return auditioned items and receive a refund minus a 10% restocking fee. There is no limit to the number of mouthpieces, leadpipes, or crooks you may take at one time on audition, but ALL returned audition items are subject to the 10% restocking fee.
  4. As with any return, you MUST pre-approve your return with us and obtain a Return Authorization Number prior to shipping. Shipping costs for returns are your responsibility.
  5. This audition offer is intended for the trial of mouthpieces, leadpipes, and crooks of different model numbers. If you order multiple quantities of the same model, we reserve the right to charge a 20% restocking fee for returns.
  6. Exclusions: The non-returnable items listed below are not included in this trial policy.

Our return period for all merchandise is 15 days. After 15 days, approval of returns will be at our discretion. Any late returns we allow will be subject to a minimum additional 10% late return fee.

Non-returnable Items: The following items are non-cancelable, non-returnable and non-refundable: (please note that this list is subject to change)

  • Custom Mouthpieces (special Throats, Backbores, Engravings, Gold Plating, etc.)
  • Special Order mouthpieces
  • Screw-rim mouthpieces and parts, except for standard Bob Reeves complete screw-rim mouthpieces
  • Bob Reeves Dynamic Mass Mouthpieces
  • Mouthpieces with special throats, special backbores and/or special shanks
  • Gold plated mouthpieces (except Yamaha GP Series mouthpieces)
  • Special Order Custom Finger Buttons
  • Special Order Engravings
  • Special Order Parts
  • Instruments parts that have been installed
  • Closeout Items
  • Discontinued Items
  • Reeds
  • Printed Material
  • Cleaning and Maintenance products (including but not limited to Horn Flush, Valve Oils, Lubricants, etc.)

Computer Software: Computer software is returnable only in the case of damage or if the seal on the envelope containing the software has not been broken. Evidence of tampering with this seal will result in refusal of your return and the software will be returned to you at your expense.

Band shoes: Band shoes may be returned for exchange for a different size only. The same 15 day trial period applies. Returned shoes must be in ABSOLUTELY PRISTINE CONDITION with ABSOLUTELY NO WEAR OR SOIL, as though you tried them in the store and immediately took them off. Returned shoes not meeting this standard will be returned at the customer's expense.

Allow a minimum of 2 weeks for refunds from returns. Some banks can take up to one full billing cycle to post your credit. Consult your bank’s policies for more information. Sorry, we cannot send acknowledgement of each return/refund.

This Return Policy applies only to products and/or services purchased exclusively through this website and does not apply to items purchased through outside sources (i.e. Ebay, Amazon, trade shows, auctions, etc.).

It is the customer’s responsibility to know and understand these return policies as they relate to your purchase.

Free or Discounted Shipping

Mouthpiece Express offers from time to time a Free Shipping Promotion on selected products. If you purchase a Free Shipping Promotional item Mouthpiece Express will select the shipping method that balances time in transit, cost and dependability of the delivery method, most Free Shipping Promotional orders will be shipped by USPS. Delivery Assurance is still an option with the Free Shipping Promotion. Please review Delivery Assurance icon for more details about that excellent offering.

Example: If a Free Shipping Promotional item is returned, your refund will be calculated less the shipping charges for the method used when the item was shipped. Example: An item that sold for $49.45 with the Free Shipping Promotion is returned we would refund you the $49.45 less the cost of shipping it to you. In this example it was first class USPS for $3.78 your refund would be $45.67. If there are any cleaning or restocking fees they would be deducted from the refund amount as well.

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