Curry Cornet Mouthpieces

Brass Band Cornet

The deepest cornet cup of the Curry line is now available in all Curry Standard Line rim diameters.

A deep concave funnel-type cup with a relaxed 2nd cup and .160" (4.07mm) bore gives this cup the breadth of sound to play in most brass band settings. While not as deep as some other manufacturers' models, this cup was designed for both great sound and maximum playability.

Deep Cornet Series (DC)

Cornet mouthpieces are available for every rim size available. If you like a rich, traditional sound, try the Deep Cornet (DC). It's relaxed second cup and #25 (3.81mm) bore help you attain that mellow sound without any loss of focus. Great for the trumpeter who occasionally plays cornet.

TC Cornet (TC)

The trumpet/cornet TC cup is a stock item available in all Curry Standard line rims and 600 Series rims. A combined concave/convex cup with a .153" (3.89mm) bore can get the most out of your favorite cornet.

Vintage Cornet Series (VC)

The Vintage Cornet Series is based on cornet mouthpieces from the early 1900's and combines the classic look and sound of the old cornet mouthpieces in a blank that will accept the more comfortable rims of today. The blank has been slightly altered from the original so that the original "cookie-cutter" rim is not a problem. Play all day on this mouthpiece with the breathy, intimate sound that only these classic mouthpieces had! Cup design is a deep V cup, short 2nd cup and large throat (#18, 4.31mm). The softer undercut of the originals was also preserved. This promotes a slightly softer attack and greater comfort. Vintage Cornet Series mouthpieces are also available on special order in the larger shank required by some older (mid-1950's Olds) cornets as well as the Conn Short Cornet.

Special Cornet Shanks

Any of the above mouthpieces can be ordered in the oversize Olds shank or the new Conn short cornet for a small additional (add $20) charge.

'O' Oversize Olds shanks available for vintage Olds cornets

'C' Conn short cornet blank now available! Pre-1958 (serial numbers less than 700,00) Conn cornet afficianados can now order their favorite Curry cornet cup in the correct size for these popular cornets. At 2.5" long with the correct 60 thousandths/inch taper (and correct shank diameter) these vintage cornets speak easier with better intonation! Thanks to Rick Henrickson of NYC and Alan Hancock (UK) for their insightful help and research. For more, check out this informative link.

'B' Besson-Holton shank fit the early 1900's vintage cornets that take the smaller diamter shanks with the correct 40 thousandths/inch taper. Thanks to Matt Weller and Chris Gekker for verification and fitting data!

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