Haynes Classic Cut 14K Solid Rose Gold Riser/Wall Solid Sterling Silver Headjoint
Haynes Classic Cut 14K Solid Rose Gold Riser/Wall Solid Sterling Silver Headjoint

Haynes Classic sterling silver handcut headjoint - (.016") tubing, 14K Solid Rose Gold Riser/Wall, sterling silver tube, lip plate, and crown. Handmade in USA.
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This headjoint may be custom ordered with 24K gold plated lip plate, 24K gold plated crown, or both.

Plating Options Q & A:

Q. Who does your gold plating?

A. We do! All of our gold plating is done in-house, using 24k gold. This insures the highest quality with the quickest turn around time.

Q. How long does it take?

A. If your headjoint is in stock, we will plate your headjoint in about 3-4 weeks. If your headjoint is out of stock, the delay may be longer.

Q. When will my credit card be charged?

A. Since gold plated headjoints are special order items, we will charge your order in full at the time we process your order. This means the charge will appear on your card anywhere from a few days to several weeks before we ship your order, depending on stock availability. If you are a member of a US Armed Services Band paying with a US Government credit card, please note. Thank you.

Q. May I cancel my order for a gold plated headjoint?

A. All headjoints with special plating or finishes are NON-CANCELABLE. If you are not sure about whether a particular headjoints is for you, then please contact us for consultation.

Q. May I return a gold plated headjoint?

A. Gold plated headjoints are non-returnable, except for headjoints that come with gold plating from the manufacturer such as models with 9K or 14K plated lip plates. If you are unsure whether a headjoint is right for you, or if you are unsure if it will fit your instrument, you should try it in silver first.

Q. Is gold plating covered by a warranty?

A. Yes. We guarantee gold plating for 90 days from the delivery date. This means that if the plating fails in the first 90 days, we will either re-plate or replace the headjoint, at our option. This warranty does not cover abuse or neglect.

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